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Buku-buku Manajemen

1. Pangestu Subagyo, SE.,MBA., dkk., BPFE Yogyakarta, Dasar-dasar Operations Research.
2. Peter F. Drucker, Erlangga, Inovasi dan Kewirausahaan.
3. J.Fred Weston, Thomas E.Copeland.,PT.Gelora Aksara Utama, Manajemen Keuangan.
4. Fajar Laksana, Graha Ilmu, Manajemen Pemasaran.
5. Madhukar Joshi, Duxbury Press, Management Science.
6. Cecil J. Bond, McGraw-Hill, Inc., Credit Management Handbook.
8. John W.Baird - James B.Stull, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company American, 1983, "BUSINESS COMMUNICATION : Strategies And Solutions".
9. Mark Sherman, Pergamon General Psychology Series , "PERSONALITY INQUIRY AND APPLICATION".
10.Terry S.Maness, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company American, 1988, "INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE FINANCE".
11. George E.Pinches, Harper & Row, Publishers New York, 1984, “Essentials of Financial Management”.
12. James F.Courtney, Jr. – David B.Paradice, C.V. Mosby Company, 1988, “Database Systems for Management”.
13. John W.Sutherland, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Regional Offices New York, 1978, “Management Handbook For Public Administrators”.
14. Charles Futrell, Dryden Press New York, 1988, “Sales Management”.
15. John M.Ivancevich – Michael T.Matteson, Richard D.IRWIN Homewood, 1990, “Organizational Behavior And Management”.
16. Heneman – Schwab – Fossum – Dyer, Richard D.IRWIN Homewood, 1986, “Personnel/Human Resource Management”.
17.Jorrold S.Greenberg, Wm. C. Brown Publishers Dubuque, 1983, “Comprehensive Stress Management”.
18. Arthur A.Thompson, Jr. – A.J. Strickland, Business Publications Texas, 1987, “Strategic Management Concepts and Cases”.
19. Leo Herbert, Lefetime Learning Publications Califoria, 1979, “Auditing The Purformance Of Management”.
20. E. Gil Clary, Mark Snyder & Robert Ridge – David H. Smith – Sarah F. Liebschutz – Wolfgang Biele – Thomas H.Jeavons, Jossey-Bass Publishers, “Nonprofit Management & Leadership”.
21. Leonard A.Doty, Delmar Publishers 1989, “Work Methods and Measurement for Management”.
22. Gareth Williams, Allyn and Bacon Boston, 1981, “Matematics With Applications in the Management, Natural and Social Sciences”.
23. Donnelly – Gibson – Ivancevich, Business Publications Texas, 1981, “Fundamentals of Management Functions . Behavior . Models”.
24. Ian E. McLaughlin, CBI Publishing Company Boston, 1982, “Successful Sales Training, How To Build A Program That Works”.
25. A. J. Strickland III, Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., Richard D. Irwin Homewood, 1988, “Cases in Strategic Management”.
26. Managing Human Resources,by:
ISBN-10: 0324314639
ISBN-13: 9780324314632
Thomson South-Western 02/2006 783 pages English
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